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Diamond CBD CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has exploded in popularity over the past few years. This natural compound found in cannabis plants like hemp is non-psychoactive and provides a wide array of wellness benefits for both body and mind. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you “high.”

With so many CBD products hitting the market, it can be tricky finding one from a reputable company you can trust. That’s where Diamond CBD comes in. Diamond CBD is committed to researching and developing innovative hemp extracts and making them accessible worldwide.

One such product is Diamond CBD’s pure CBD Isolate Oil Tincture, available in a high strength 1000mg formula. Keep reading this detailed review to find out if this flavorless, THC-free CBD isolate oil is right for you.

What is Diamond CBD?

What is Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is one of America’s leading CBD brands focusing on research and technology to provide the highest quality CBD products derived from hemp. Their product lineup includes CBD oils, gummies, vapes, creams, pet products, and more.

Diamond CBD uses non-GMO hemp grown organically in Scandinavia without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Their state-of-the-art extraction facilities are located in the U.S. All products go through third-party testing to verify their purity and potency.

Overview of Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

Overview of Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

The Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg tincture contains pure CBD isolate dissolved in MCT oil. This CBD isolate is an all-natural hemp extract grown right here in the USA.

The oil provides 1000mg of CBD per bottle for a strong concentration sure to please experienced CBD aficionados. But it can also serve as a great introduction to CBD for newcomers wanting to start off strong with a high dosage.

Since it’s pure isolated CBD without any THC or other cannabinoids, this oil offers versatility and control. You can get CBD benefits without worrying about failed drug tests, psychoactive effects, or the taste/smell of full spectrum hemp.

Let’s take a deeper look at the product details.

Diamond CBD CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg Product Information

Diamond CBD CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg Product Information

The Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg lets you go big and bold with its whopping 1000mg of pure CBD isolate. This is the perfect choice for those who want the highest concentration of CBD per serving without any other cannabinoids or compounds.

This CBD isolate oil delivers CBD in its purest form. It’s derived entirely from all-natural hemp grown right here in the USA without any genetically modified organisms.

The source hemp is farmed sustainably using no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. This ensures the safety and purity of this USA-grown CBD product.

The CBD isolate used undergoes processing to remove all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds until only the CBD molecule remains. This leaves you with odorless and flavorless 99%+ pure CBD isolate.

Since it’s pure isolated CBD without even trace amounts of THC, this oil won’t cause psychoactive effects or make you fail a drug test.

The Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg provides a staggering 1.67mg of CBD per drop. Just place 1-2 drops under the tongue and hold for about 30 seconds before swallowing. Or you can add it to your favorite foods and beverages too.

Ingesting this CBD isolate oil will promote your overall daily wellness with its natural stress and pain relieving properties. Users report feeling a sense of relaxation and relief throughout the day when taking this oil regularly.

It can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening for a mood and comfort boost any time of day. Those new to CBD should start with 1 drop then increase slowly as needed.

Diving Into the Key Facts on Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

Diving Into the Key Facts on Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

Before adding any new product like this CBD isolate oil into your wellness routine, it’s a smart idea to look at some key facts:

  • Total CBD content: 1000mg
  • CBD per dropper: Around 1.67mg
  • Total drops: 600 drops per bottle
  • Bottle weight: 30ml
  • CBD purity: 99%+ isolated CBD extract
  • Other cannabinoids: 0% (THC-free)
  • Source: Organic USA-grown hemp

With these details in mind, the Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg is ideal for those seeking high doses of pure CBD isolate without any THC or other hemp compounds.

The Simple Ingredient List: CBD Isolate and MCT Oil

When it comes to the ingredients, Diamond CBD keeps it simple. This isolate oil contains just two ingredients:

  • CBD isolate: The pure isolated CBD extract provides all the wellness benefits with none of the other cannabinoids or hemp compounds.
  • MCT oil: Derived from coconuts, MCT oil contains fatty acids that help absorption and bioavailability of the CBD isolate.

With no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavors, sweeteners, or thickening agents, the ingredient list is clean.

Benefits of Choosing Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

Choosing Diamond CBD’s Isolate Oil 1000mg has several key benefits that make it stand out:

  • Contains pure 99%+ CBD isolate: You get nothing but CBD, which some users prefer over full spectrum.
  • High strength 1000mg CBD content: Perfect for experienced CBD users wanting extra strength.
  • USA grown and manufactured: Uses American hemp and is made in the USA.
  • Non-GMO and organic: Sourced from hemp grown without GMOs or chemicals.
  • THC-free: Will not make you fail a drug test or feel any high.
  • Versatile use: Add it to food, take it sublingually, or incorporate into DIY products.
  • Third-party tested: Confirmed for potency and purity for your safety.
  • Relaxation and relief: Helps provide stress relief, comfort, and other wellness benefits.
  • No hemp taste/smell: The flavorless and odorless isolate is easy to use.
  • No herbal hemp scent: Unlike full spectrum oils which can smell weedy.

For these reasons, the Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg stands out as a high quality and highly pure CBD product.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While this isolate oil has some excellent benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well:

  • Higher price point: The very high 1000mg CBD concentration makes it pricier than lower strengths.
  • No entourage effect: The full benefits of whole plant hemp via the entourage effect are lost.
  • Higher doses needed: More milligrams of CBD isolate are required to feel effects versus full spectrum oils.
  • Oral absorption tricky: Sublingual use under the tongue is ideal for proper absorption.
  • Tasteless: The lack of flavor makes adding it to food and drinks more difficult.
  • No additional cannabinoids: Does not provide the other potentially beneficial compounds found in hemp.
  • Lower bioavailability: CBD isolate may have lower absorption rates compared to full spectrum formulations.
  • No flavor options: Only the natural CBD isolate taste is available.

So while very pure and strong, there are some factors to keep in mind with CBD isolate oils.

Choosing the Right CBD Isolate Oil Strength

With Diamond CBD’s isolate oil available in 1000mg, you may wonder if that strength is right for your needs. Here are some tips on choosing the right CBD isolate oil strength:

  • Consider your prior CBD experience – new users may want to start with lower doses first.
  • Check if you need to avoid THC for drug testing purposes which means isolate is ideal.
  • Choose 1000mg isolate if you want the highest strength CBD concentration.
  • Pick isolate if you want no herbal taste or scent found in full spectrum CBD oils.
  • Consider trying a lower 500mg dose first if new to CBD to gauge your optimal dosage.
  • Select isolate if you want versatility to add it to different foods, drinks, vapes, etc.
  • Go with full spectrum oils instead if you want the “entourage effect” from the blend of compounds.
  • Get isolate if you want to avoid even trace THC amounts for total peace of mind.

So factor in your needs and preferences to decide if this high strength 1000mg CBD isolate oil is suitable for you. Dosage can be adjusted by the number of drops taken.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond CBD Isolate Oils

If you’re new to CBD isolate oils, its understandable to have lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Diamond CBD’s Isolate Oil 1000mg:

Does Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg get you high?

No, it will not get you high since it contains 0% THC and is made solely from non-psychoactive CBD extract. There are no psychoactive compounds to cause a high feeling regardless of the dosage taken.

What’s the difference between full spectrum and isolate CBD oils?

Full spectrum CBD oils contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds found in hemp, including up to 0.3% THC. CBD isolate removes everything except pure CBD molecule for 99%+ isolated CBD.

How do you properly use CBD isolate oil?

The best absorption is under the tongue by placing drops and holding for 30 seconds before swallowing. But you can also ingest it, add it to foods/drinks, apply it topically, or vape. Follow dosage guidelines and adjust as needed.

What are the effects and benefits of ingesting CBD isolate?

CBD isolate oil provides natural relaxation, comfort, and other wellness benefits like relieving pains and anxiety. Effects come from CBD’s interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Is CBD isolate oil safe?

Yes, CBD isolate is generally considered safe and non-toxic in studies. But consult your doctor if taking prescription medications or if pregnant/nursing. And stick to recommended serving sizes.

How does CBD isolate compare to full spectrum CBD oils?

There is no right answer, as full spectrum provides the entourage effect but isolate gives higher purity and strength. It depends on your preference and reasons for using it.

How long does it take for CBD isolate oil effects to kick in?

Onset of effects are usually felt within 30 minutes to an hour but can take up to 2 hours. Taking it sublingually may allow for faster absorption and quicker effects.

What’s the most effective way to take CBD isolate oil?

Letting the oil absorb under the tongue rather than swallowing provides the best bioavailability. But you can also ingest, use topically, or add to food/drinks.

My Final Take on Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg

In conclusion, if you are looking for a highly potent CBD oil made from pure USA-grown hemp, Diamond CBD’s Isolate Oil 1000mg is an excellent choice.

With its remarkable 1000mg CBD content, complete THC-free formula, and third-party proof of purity, this product really demonstrates Diamond CBD’s commitment to a quality experience you can trust.

If you want to avoid any THC, require versatile use to add CBD to foods/drinks, or simply desire CBD in its purest isolated form, this oil delivers. And there are no herbal smells or tastes to deal with.

Just keep in mind the higher price for the very high CBD strength and lack of entourage effect versus full spectrum oils.

But for experienced CBD users wanting a powerful zero-THC formula they can customize into their routine, Diamond CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg is a fantastic option worthy of your consideration.

I hope this detailed review gave you all the information you need to determine if the purity and potency of Diamond CBD’s CBD Isolate Oil 1000mg is a good match for your wellness needs and preferences!

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